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B2B Storm Shelters OKC – New Biz

Welcome to our newest B2B sales site at Storm Shelters OKC. The tornado season is coming upon us and we want to get out to all the Oklahoma residents how imperative it is to have a storm shelter in place. Storm Shelters OKC has served this community for decades. They have specials all the time on which tornado shelter to purchase for every situtation.

Above ground shelters are great for one can take them with you if you leave the property it is placed on. Storm Shelters OKC knows that having an above ground shelter works for all homeowners, renters, apartment owners and office building owners as well.

Commercial buildings need storm shelters for their employees and again this can be purchased at such a reasonable price along with financing if need be.

For more information go here:

So many of the lives in the mid-western states could have been saved by having a tornado shelter and/or a safe room on the property. Renters need to know this is available to you as well. If you rent a home and you have a garage or even right outside the back door, a storm shelter can be placed right there for your families safety. Best part is you can take it with you when you leave this particular property as well…

Think safety for yourself and family members. Check out a storm shelter today even if it’s not with Storm Shelters OKC, go to another company and get one. It is so important to have a safe place to go when these devastating tornadoes hit our community.

Tornadoes hit annually and there are hundreds of thousands of them every year. There are small ones and there are big ones. They do not discriminate who and what they hit. Some towns have literally been leveled by tornadoes while others are hit and miss.

Get out and get on today!

B2B – Wigs San Diego

B2B – Wigs San Diego

Another great B2B is called Wigs San Diego. This company gives back to so many cancer patients in need of real human hair in the SD communities as well as the Orange Counties and Los Angeles Counties! Incredible owner, Nazy Curtis, who continues to give back for she knows the pain when going through cancer or any other hair removing disease.

There are many reason why women and men need real human hair wigs. Especially, when having cancer, that is probably one of the most prevalant reasons why people need real human hair wigs in San Diego.

Wigs San Diego offers the best European human hair wigs that are on the market today. By doing B2B, this company has been working with so many other human hair wig businesses and that’s what we call a true success.

By working with other business as well as the public, one’s company really can not go wrong. This is why we write about B2B’s due to the impact it truly has on any owner’s business. What an owner needs to do to be successful is to impact the public as well as other businesses so that all the eggs are not in one basket, so to speak.

When in need of quality real human hair wigs, Wigs San Diego is your best choice! Check them out here at:

We are truly proud of mentioning this business and when you have any B2B that you consider worthy, let us know by contacting all of us on our contact page.

Now, when wanting to start your own business, reach out to these other business owners and they will definitely help you and answer all your questions. This is the beauty of B2B…

Take care and we’ll be back with more informative articles very soon!




B2B Talk With Limo Service Los Angeles Owner

B2B Talk With Limo Service Los Angeles Owner

We are sitting down with the proud owner of Limo Service Los Angeles at one of his locations in the LA area. Talking business to business, owner to owner, entrepreneur to entrepreneur and loving it. So, let’s start with the main question and that is how did this entrepreneur get started in his limousine service in Los Angeles?

It’s a pretty funny story how I got started in the limo business because I was actually wanting to start a little hamburger restaurant and little did I know one of my mentors, who owned several businesses told me don’t ever own a restaurant! So, that kind of scared me and I was thinking to myself what do people always use in the Los Angeles area? One of my thoughts were so many people use limousines! So, I told my wife this is it, we’re starting a limousine rental service and purchased our first limo over a decade ago.

We all have these cool stories to tell each other on how we got started and it’s amazing how some of us started with the perfect business and others, like myself…lol, started with several bad choices for businesses!

So, I then asked the Limo Service Los Angeles owner, “Since you started over a decade ago how successful are you now?”…..

Oh man I couldn’t be more grateful that I did start in the limo business for starting my very first entrepreneur business I have to say I have been very successful with it!”

Would you recommend to all my readers to never give up and start that first business no matter what?

Absolutely! Never stop and never quit! Even if you have a bad business that leaves you broke, find a way and get started again! Never stop until you are successful. The issue with so many never being successful is they quit!

There you have it my readers! Never quit, keep going and you too will be successful. And by chance if you need a gorgeous limousine while in the Los Angeles areas, go to their website:

Take care!


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